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Terms and conditions for iratfashion.com

1. General

1.1. This website is activated by IRAT Boutique, Licensed Dealer: 305149858, and its contacting address is 26B Ha'Rav kook ST, Bnei Brak, Israel (as follows "The/This website" and "We/Us").

1.2. The use in the website and all things accompanied to, including purchasing products is bent to the terms presented below. Please read carefully these terms. If you do not agree to one of these terms, you are required not using this website. Your use of the website will be considered as an acceptance to these terms and the Privacy Policy that appear in the website.

1.3. If you are not in a legal age (18), that allows you to commit and accept these terms, do not use this website. If it will turn out that you are not in legal age as mentioned, we save ourselves the right to prevent you from using the website or parts of it.

1.4. You are committed, that if you give us or any other agent within the website details about you or other people, that these details are correct, precise and full.

1.5. We save ourselves the right to change the website, redecorate it, to add or remove contents to/from it, without your permission.

1.6. We have the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time an our Privacy Policy, please check the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy consistently.

1.7. It is clarified that all of the purchases that made through this website are bent to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Website essence

2.1. This website enabling you to order, to your Israeli address, according our delivery policy, different fashion products (as follows "The/our products").

2.2. When you choose a product please be careful and choose the right size.

2.3. You take into account, that there is a possible gap in colors and textures of the product and the way it looks on screen to the reality including changing colors and toning, that is due to: technological platforms transforming, screen type and etc.

3. Qualification to make purchases in the website

4. In order to purchase in the website you must meet the following conditions:

4.1. You must be 18 years old and have legal capacity to purchase products.

4.2. If you act behalf of another legal personality, you declare that you are qualified to charge the same legal personality in making the purchases, otherwise you will be considered to be responsible personally to every commitment that related to the purchase and the use of this webaite.

4.3. You have to be the owner of a valid credit card or an account in other payment components that is valid in this website (as follows "credit service provider"), and the owner of a satisfactory obligo to pay for the product you purchase from us.

4.4. We did not forbid you to use the website

4.5. You have to give us updated, full and persiced details In accordance with what is required in the processes of purchasing the products on the site, delivery and payment, including: your name as it appears at credit service provider, credit card number, type of payment component, expiration date, activating numbers or codes that required for charging and your address.

4.6. You purchase the products to a private use and not to resale it or for other commercial purposes.

5. The purchase

5.1. The products in the website are new, unless it's written different in the website.

5.2. We are making the best we can, that every product that appear as available for purchase, is exist in inventory. Although, it is possible that a product you order isn't available in inventory, in that case, we will call you in a reasonable time, and allow you to cancel the order or get different products at the same cost, as much as we think it is appropriate to do so. If you did not choose what to do, we will cancel the order and ask for refund from you credit service provider. You will not have any complain or demand towards us in this case excluding payment refund abovementioned.

5.3. The purchase from the website and payment are carried out with us.

5.4. When you fill the order form in the website, you are offering us an irrevocable offer for execution that appears in the order in accordance with the prices and other conditions that appear in it and in these terms of use, including VAT payment.

5.5. Your order is subjected to our approval, and we are authorized to cancel it from every reason which seems appropriate.

5.6. Upon receipt of your order, we will be authorized to charge your credit service provider account in the purchase's cost and accompanied payments, e.g. for delivery in accordance to the website delivery policy. Date and method of final billing by your credit service provider is in accordance to the relation between you and this provider. We will ask the credit service provider to grant our account with the purchase's cost instantly.

5.7. The payment will be done by the credit service provider that entered in the order, subjected to having an on-site interface with it.

5.8. As long as the credit service provider did not approve the charge instantly, we are authorized to cancel your order. If you couldn't finish the purchase through the website, you are welcome to contact us, though we will not start the delivery process if the purchase is not complete, unless you got a different written approval from us.

5.9. As much as from some reason the credit service provider did not pay us the purchase's cost, it is you responsibility to pay us as soon as possible in a different way.

5.10. As much as the price shown at the website was wrong or other significant details, we have the right to not execute the purchase or cancel it including refund paid money and this will be your only cure.

5.11. We are authorized to change our price from time to time, sale method, types of products and designs. Change in prices will require all purchase's that will be after publishing the new price.

5.12. As much as you gave us wrong details, that caused a mistaken delivery, you will carry the expenses an damages, we will be authorized to cancel your order and charge an additional cost of cancellation fees that are 15% from purchase's cost. In any case, failure to make the shipment due to the aforesaid circumstances will not constitute a ground for cancellation of the transaction on your part.

6. Delivery

6.1. Inside Israel – We will deliver the order to the address you gave us throughout "Boxit" in 5 work days from the time your order was received to us, that is complete and approved by credit service provider. Abroad – will carry out by TNT/UPS/Other delivery service by the country of the client, and the company decision for the best service per order.

6.2. In order to count the days, an order that received until 2pm will consider as if was made in the day after.

6.3. The delivery cost appears at the website in the order process.

6.4. The delivery will be done in accordance to the information you gave us in your order.

6.5. The delivery is in the limits of Israel alone until 1.9.20. Afterwards the delivery service will be open to several countries in Europe and USA

6.6. You allow us to give your details and the items you purchased to the delivery's executer.

6.7. If the order was not delivered in the times that written in delivery policy, your cure will be waiting or cancel your order and get refund for the payment. As long as we acknowledge you about a possible delay in the delivery and you confirmed the delay in delivery date, you will not be authorized to cancel the order until the new deadline has passed as the delivery has not been made.

6.8. If the delivery is exceptional in scope, you may need to add a payment.

6.9. If we believe that we can't deliver the order in time, as long as we get together to an agreed solution, we are authorized canceling the order without any complain or demand from your side excluding refund of the payment.

6.10.For orders inside Israel the order will be delivered by "Boxit", that is a net of electronic safe lockers, that placed in different public places that detailed in "Boxit" website, e.g. gas stations, malls and universities. The system give her users an option to collect packages from these electronic lockers 24/7.

6.11. In the process of purchasing, we will find the closest collecting point to the delivery address you gave us from a list of "Boxit" collecting points. When the package reaches to the collecting point, "Boxit" will send you a text massage (to the phone you gave us in the order form) with collecting code and exact address of collecting point. The package will wait in the collecting point for 48 hours (in case of a locker) or 7 days (in case of a store), from massage receiving time. If you can't collect the package in this time, it is your responsibility to contact us.

6.12. The delivery supposed to reach in 5 work days from approval of the order for orders inside Israel limits, and for orders outside Israel it will be determine per order by the best shipping supplier as the company will determine. If we believe that we will not be able to deliver your order in time, or there is a delay in delivery, as long as we won't get together to an agreed solution, anyone of the sides is allowed to cancel the order without any complain or demand from your side excluding payment refund. As long as the cancellation was made after the delivery process begun, the refund is conditioned in returning of product to us, by regular mail, on our account.

7. Cancellation policy

7.1. The costumer who purchases products from us throughout the website is authorized, according to the Consumer Protection Law, to cancel the purchase in 30 days from the day of purchase or the day of getting the product, the later.

7.2. The cancellation can be done by contacting us in one of the interfaces available on the website, which is intended for contacting or send a cancellation request.

7.3. If the costumer cancelling the purchase, not due to a product defect or discrepancy to the presentation that was shown to her by us, or not due to a violation of the agreement between the sides by us, the costumer should return the product, on our account, to our address mentioned above, on all its parts as far as possible in its original packaging, when it is complete, flawless, clean, unwashed and without any real use.

7.4. In case of cancellation by the costumer according to her right by law and in accordance to its instructions we will return product purchase fee against return of the products without defect and according to our instructions. Money refund will be done throughout credit service provider that was used for the payment. If the cancellation was made not due to a product defect or discrepancy to the presentation that was shown to her by us, or not due to a violation of the agreement between the sides by us, we will be authorized to reduce 5% of cancellation fee from this cost.

7.5. It is clarified that the customer does not have a vested right to cancel not due to a defect in the product or non-conformity to the presentations given to her by us in relation to products adapted to the customer's needs or in relation to the products used, or their original packaging opened.

7.6. Nothing in the foregoing shall derogate from our right to claim our damages due to a reduction in the value of the product as a result of a significant deterioration in the condition of the product due to the customer or due to the cancellation of the transaction.

8. Intellectual property

8.1. All the copyrights that include in the website and the products in it including trademarks, video & music parts, pictures, graphic designs, paging, texts and etc., belong to us or others who gave us permission to use it. You are required not to change interfere, copy, duplicate, engineer backwards, pass, combine, process or send any part of the website or its content. You are not permitted to make links to the website and from it or make some kind of framing or embedding in another website that relates to this website.

8.2. You are not authorized to perform any use in the content that is shown on the website without a written permission from us.

8.3. All the copyrights in the products (excluding the photo) are ours. You give us every right that require due to combining the photo in the product that you ordered. We are authorized without any permission of your side, for production of product: to duplicate, copy, create derived works, process, combine with other works, change, resize, embed, etc.

8.4. You are giving up any ethical right from any kind relating to the photo to regarding the production of the product, and therefore, among other things, there is no obligation to indicate your name or other name, to pay you or after royalties.

9. Website usage

9.1. You commit that you will not interfere the operation of the site on any part of it, and that you will not do any act there is to sabotage other usage in the website or its ordinary operations.

9.2. The usage in the website is private, reasonable and decent. You cannot perform any commercial usage in the website without a clear written permission from us, and you cannot make an excessive use from his revealed goals.

9.3. You agree to be exposed to various advertisements, which will appear on the site, including advertisements, which will be linked to the content that you upload to the site.

9.4. This website on all its parts, characteristics, applications and content, is as it is without any warranty. We do not guarantee in relation to the site and its parts: full availability, proper functioning, no faults or interruptions or that the information on it is accurate, or free from errors. We do not guarantee that all copyrights in the content contained on the site are ours, or those of us on our behalf, or that what appears on the site can be relied upon. We reject any claim regarding the site's suitability or suitability for certain purposes. Use of the site is at your own risk. In any case, we will not be liable: for any consequential or indirect damage, losses and loss of information in connection with the site.

9.5. Every content download from the website is on your responsibility including relating to the effect of the download on your own equipment.

9.6. Do not make any action that can constitute as bypassing these terms and conditions or helping such thing, or a thing that might damage or interfere website's system operation, characteristics, application and etc. that exists on the website. We will be authorized to limit your use in the website as much as we'll suspect you do the abovementioned actions.

9.7. Do not use any program tools reduce common browsers ,operation systems, algorithm, robot, system, an automated or other programmed means to access the site. Content may not be copied from the site by these means and must not be used to penetrate the site or its mechanisms, and no use or copying of the code embedded in it may be made.

9.8. Although we take reasonable safeguards to protect the information transmitted to the site and stored on it, we cannot guarantee that an unauthorized person will not have access to the information, in which case we will not be liable for any damage or injury caused to you as a result. 9.9. The privacy policy in the website is an integral part of these terms and conditions.

10. Responsibility

10.1. We and our workers, managers, directors and our shareholders do not have any responsibility for direct or indirect, consequential or punitive damages that caused by an unauthorized use on someone in the site or products.

10.2. In no event will we be liable for any damage or expense or loss or inconvenience or loss of information or grief and suffering resulting from the use of the Site or the Products.

10.3. All the products in the website are for sale as they are, without ensuring compatibility. In any case our max responsibility will not top the cost you paid us for your purchases in the website for the past 6 months to the damage event.

10.4. You will indulge us, our workers, managers, directors and our shareholders for every third party sue or requirement that is resulted by your use at the website or purchasing a product through it or using them. We will do our best to inform you as soon as possible about sue or requirement as mentioned, and allow you to defend yourself from it. As much as you not defend yourself properly, we might do so instead, and you will carry all of our expenses in this case as well as in any of the results of the proceeding or compromise as far as we come to it in this context.

11. Account opening

11.1. For some services at the website you will be required to open an account in website frame, that bound by username and password.

11.2. You are not allowed to open an account in someone else's name.

11.3. You must keep the username and password to yourself.

11.4. You are committed to let us know immediately, if you suspect someone is doing an unauthorized use throughout your account.

11.5. We will not be responsible for unauthorized use of third party in your account and the results of this usage.

11.6. Without detracting from the generality of other conditions, you are committing, that the details you give us at account opening process are correct, full and precise.

11.7. You are not permitted to allow another person to use your account.

11.8. It is possible that the website will let you open an account through otgher platforms that you have account in, such as: Facebook and Google+. Even in this case you should make sure that the details and content like: your photo, that transform to our website are correct and precise; using this option you give us the right to use those details in the website in accordance to these terms and conditions, including publishing them in the website.

11.9. You are authorized in any time to request an account removal from us.

11.10. Your account details will be exposed to the owners of the website, to us and to advertisers, with them we are in business contact.

11.11. We are authorized to remove your account any time, if we think that you violated the terms of use in the website.

11.12. We are not committing that with your account removal, the content you uploaded to the website will be removed or blocking the option to respond to them or using them in accordance to the website's terms and conditions.

12. Contents

12.1. We are not responsible for every information or content that is uploaded to the website by you or other people, as much as it will be possible in the website, and we do not promise to save these contents or display them in the website, or transfer them intact or proper. We are not responsible for the accuracy of this information and we do not produce a presentation that can be trusted. The information contained in the various sections of the site does not express anything about the quality and fitness of the informants, including that they hold all the skills, certifications, permits and licenses required by law to provide their services and products. We do not guarantee that all copyrights in the content uploaded by users to the site are theirs, and that all required permissions have been granted in connection with them.

12.2. Any publish or recommendation that appear in the website are non-authoritative and non-binding information and anyone who relies on it does so at their own risk.

12.3. We do not commit to save the contents that were uploaded to the website, or the ones created in it or appeared in it, and/or backup them.

13. Uploading content by users

13.1. This website might let you upload content to it.

13.2. You are aware and agreeing that by uploading Content to the Site they become public, and may be an enticement copied by others or shared or posted by third parties, or by us on other platforms, including various social networks.

13.3. You are committed, that the content that uploaded by you are not: in crude language, defamation, and that they are not: Offensive, sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory, advertising or marketing in nature, blocked by a code or password, infringing on public policy or national or human security, threatening, tainted with harmful code, infringing on privacy, misleading, violating a restraining order, inciting, prohibited by any law or constituting a cause of action for any criminal or civil action, and complying with all laws relating to the appearance of minors, insofar as these appear in the publication.

13.4. Do not upload contents that mend to violate the property rights of others or the transfer of them constitutes a tort under the law.

13.5. Content relating to minors may not be uploaded without the approval of the legal guardians of those minors that meets the requirements of law and order.

13.6. Do not upload content that contains commercial advertising or a recommendation for a product that is not on the site or that is not marketed through the site or a recommendation for a third party.

13.7. By uploading this content, you take full responsibility for all the consequences that result from it, including abusive reactions to this content.

13.8. By uploading the content: (1) you must not impersonate another person or represent a body that has not authorized you to represent it, (2) you confirm that you have the full legal rights to upload the content to the site, including under intellectual property law, and that the content to the best of your knowledge is correct and accurate. , (3) you agree, to grant us or anyone on our behalf a permanent, non-cancellable, global, royalty-free, non-exclusive, exclusive license to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, modify, translate, publish, perform publicly, in any way, any content uploaded or published through the Site, and that we may transfer and share this license with any entity. You declare that you have the power to grant the Site such a license, and that we will be entitled at any time and in any manner deemed appropriate to use the Content uploaded at our discretion within the Site or other frameworks, including for publication, research and statistics, and as set forth in this Site Privacy Policy. An integral part of these terms, (4) you know, that we may suspend the publication of the contents, stop publishing them, stop and re-upload them, not publish them at all, process them and present them in various forms.

13.9. We have the right to remove any content you upload, which does not meet these conditions, without any prior notice. We may from time to time set policies regarding the manner in which users or individual users upload, the frequency of uploads, the classification of the information uploaded, the limitation of its quantity, its style, the manner in which it is displayed, the duration of its presentation, etc.

13.10. We are authorized to forbid uploading links to other websites, and remove them any time.

13.11. We are authorized to embed advertisements as part of the user's uploads, without this benefiting the user in any way or anything else.

13.12. We may embed identifiers in the content uploaded to the Site by users.

13.13. The responsibility for the content uploaded by the users is entirely on them. We do not undertake to check the content and its correctness, and do not stand behind it. Even if we use monitoring means after content, we do not undertake to identify offensive content or those that do not meet the conditions of the site, and we will not bear any damage for them.

13.14. It is not possible to upload the content to the site and its existence on it, because an opinion and / or legal advice regarding the legality of publishing the content or its legal capacity and does not release you from sole responsibility for any non-compliance with the site's advertising policy or any requirement under these terms or any law Other.

13.15. We may require you to make changes from time to time in the content uploaded by you or in the manner in which they are presented from time to time in accordance with the advertising policy of a website as you change from time to time.

13.16. We may limit the amount of raises on the part of any legal entity.

14. Contents removal request

14.1. It is possible to submit a request to remove content that appear in the website or change it if you think the content has one of the following:

14.1.1. The content is violating your intellectual property rights or those of the parties on whose behalf you are submitting this application.

14.1.2. The content is intended to defame you or the parties on whose behalf you are submitting this application.

14.1.3. The content violates your privacy or the pri

vacy of the parties on whose behalf you are applying.

14.1.4. Uploading the content has the potential to constitute an unlawful act, and to detail it.

14.1.5. The content is inappropriate.

14.2. In the request you need to detail: name of the applicant, e-mail address, phone number. Is the application in the name of the applicant or in the name of others and specify them, confirm that all the details in the application are correct.

14.3. The request would be submitted by the "contact us" tab in the website.

14.4. We will examine your request and inform you of anything.

15. Others

15.1. Failure to take any step we are entitled to take will not constitute a waiver or silence.

15.2. If any of the terms of use of this site is found to be invalid or unenforceable, then that same term will be enforced to the extent permitted by law, and this shall not prejudice the validity and enforcement of the other terms of use of this site.

15.3. These conditions will be governed by the laws of the State of Israel, and the exclusive jurisdiction to discuss these conditions and everything related to your use and everything arising therefrom, is vested in the courts in Petah Tikva.

15.4. Any claim between the parties in connection with this site will be filed within one year from the date the cause of action occurred.

15.5. You are not entitled to transfer any right that has arisen to you towards us in connection with the website. We may transfer our rights and obligations to others.

15.6. These terms exhaust the full agreement between us regarding the use of the site and the purchase of the products.